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5 Easy Ways to Kill A.A.

5 Easy Ways to Kill A.A. (Approach Anxiety)

1. The 5-5-5. Write down 5 Openers. 5 Stories. 5 negs. Keep your notes in your back pocket. Practice and learn all of them. Memorize them. You can always look at them even during set if you cant remember.

2. Breathe. When you are infield always remember to breathe. There are some breathing exercises to help you relax. Close your eyes, inhale, count from one Mississippi to ten Mississippi then exhale. Repeat. Do this for 5 minutes.

3. You see her-You like her-Launch yourself before you can say “One Mississippi.” Walk towards a woman and just think of what could you have said. What was she wearing/doing?…Write on your notes what you could have said.

4. Talk to everyone, young, old, ugly or hot. Say hello or ask for directions. Dont have an outcome.

5. Go out with a good friend (Wing) ideally 5 nights a week that will help you and not judge you. Someone you can practice your 5-5-5 with. Someone that can trade off by him doing one approach and you doing the next approach. You can talk to your wing about your limited beliefs why you can’t approach.


*Here are some limited beliefs:


I dont know what to say. -This is why you have the 5-5-5

What if she rejects me? -If you go in positive, positive things will happen.

What if she has a boyfriend? -If she was naked in your bed, but she had told you a month ago that she had a boyfriend, would you still do her??? YES!

What if she doesn’t like me? -You are a friendly, fun, confident guy. You have friends that are girls. If your friends like you, they will too.

What if everyone is watching/ and see me get rejected? -No one is paying attention to all your moves unless they are stalking you! Who cares what people think. Exit with a smile and even blow a kiss goodbye. It will look like you know every set in others peoples eyes.

Bothering them? Use false time constraints if you think you are bothering them. I am not a fan of canned openers but they help a lot for AA. Having that limited believe or excuse not to approach because of not knowing what to say can be eliminated with a cheat sheet with a few openers, stories…

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