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Shadow System Infield Videos   

Fernando Infield 2nd Day       Fernando Infield 1st Day

Me: Elmo Voice Pick Up         3Some Video Broken Down

El Delicioso

First Infield

El Delicioso Infield Revealed and Broken Down

Started this new system where I have been taking guys infield and I break down their video. Truth is, everyone is different. Everyone has different sticking points. With these videos, you learn from watching yourself and correct your mistakes.

Bouncer PUA (Me) Infield Exposed

Here you see me running out of shit to say but I keep plowing. She even brings me back into set lol

I was shooting the shit with this model from Belize when a white girl caught my eye and I bring her into the set, creating a jealousy plot line.

Stay tuned for the break down and play the full video of where I leave the girl from Belize and get the white girl.

In the L.A. area? Want to get filmed infield and get critiqued? Hit me up 323-396-3467

Bouncer PUA INFIELD EXPOSED! Mall Pickup Quick number close


Bouncer PUA INFIELD EXPOSED! Mall Pickup Quick number close

I don't like them fat. I don't like them skinny. This one was just perfect!

Yup! It is that easy

If you are in the L.A. area and want your video broken down, call me 323-396-3467

Bouncer PUA Infield Exposed! Another Quick Number

One thing I should of done here is get off the opener.  She was having a good time though

Me Infield. Old Video Broken Down. Body Language

Field Reports

Merging Sets at The W

Malboro Girl Number Close

Malboro Girls Number Closes: How to

German Girl Close At The W

Luke's Fastest Kiss Close and Bouncers Kino Routine

Day 2

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