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 "The best investment you could ever make, is in yourself"
Let us help you bring your best self out!

Have you ever wanted to reinvent yourself and bring out your best self?

What about never running out of things to say and not feel nervious?

You’re in luck because this is now easier than ever.

Imagine being able to attract the girl of your dreams – all without the headache of rejection and being the bottom feeder.

In this program I will show you a number of powerful tactics and stradegies of how to fool women into bed...  just kidding!

I will show you how to become more confident, build your inner game, and make this look extremly easy!

You will even find tools that allow you to run game and get numbers in split seconds.





I never thought myself as a natural until recent years. Most of my friends in high school were females but I did not lose my virginituy until the age of 17. You can say I was a late bloomer. Now, I have studied the art of pick up for over 9 years now. I have learned first hand trial and error how it's really like to close women.

Be More Alpgha has been a leader in the field of self improvement.


With The Shadow System you get so much more; you get real infield help that let's you be you by perfecting your game.  And to make this deal even sweeter you get a complete year long membership to follow up and record your progress.

I’ve been an Optimizing my method for a long time now.


Why go with Be More Alpha?

We have taken pickup to an entirely new level.

This is hands down one of the best purchase you will ever make on improving your self.

It will save you time and heart/headeaches. It is incredible the fact that it comes with a yearly membership that you can review and compare your own progress. You are not seing someone elses progres, you are seing your own. This enables you to focus on not someone elses sticking points but your own.


This is simply incredible.


    Theme version – use it to empower your life.
    Membership plugin.
    Powerful caveman techniques.
    Start at your level.
    One on one, face to face.
    Q & A before and after.
    Extensive approches.
    We hear what you are saying for instant feedback.

Price: Starts from $10 a day.

More Details
Thrive in whatever area you want to grow in.

Recording you allows you to see exactly how your progress is going.

You will master game in no time.

You can also get more hours infield for better results!



$10 a day* gets you 4 full hours Friday, 4 full hours Saturday and 4 Impactful hours on Sunday of infield recording.


If you want to just give us a try or, I get it, some of us cannot afford $2,100 for a weekend!

We just came up with a Powerful 2 hour infield recording session for only $550 (Close cities to Los Angeles, CA)**


More Details Read Review

Be More Alpha was created by me, Edgar Bouncer after watching The Pickup Artist on VH1. In disbelief, I read the "Game" in just two days. I staterded studying from indirect like Mystery Method to direct from RSD.

I moved in to Project Hollywood in 2011. This was the original Dean Martin mansion where Mystery and Style once roamed. Project Hollywood 2.0 they called it, with Speer and Vince "Hollywood" Kelvin. My expirience was amazing. I ended up moving to Miami with my house mates from Project Hollywood and opened a new Project Miami. I took what I needed and it was time to come back to L.A. and impliment what I learned.


Which plan should you choose?

I’ve listed a number of plans and it’s important to note that these plans are best suited to different circumstances.

In fact, it’s not strange to actually use more than one of the plans that I’ve listed above.

For example, the most common plan is the $3 day plan purely because it’s so fast. I recommend that plan for beginners. If you are still struggling with openening, you can simply upgrade as go go along. For someone that is more experinced, the $10 plan will give you the results in no time.

Below I have listed a number of situations where you mind find particular plugins work better for you than others.


Value for money

Comparing content to pricing,

The deals per day does offer feedback on all your videos, but if approach anxiety still gets the best of you, you may need to take the Project Alpha bootcamp to optimize your inner game and self belief.

Project Alpha bootcamp will get you approaching more. It will get you the results you really want.

The Shadow System is mostly sharpening out your edges as you see yourself infield, on video. It's like looking at yourself from your very own shadow.



From other pick up companies that I have seen, no one offers recording you and giving you actual feedback based on what you said and did. Learn from your mistakes!

I find that The Shadow System makes it much easier to tweak your game than anything else and it’s also very easy to add additional elements to your game.

After seing hundreds of students infield, I am able to point out your sticking points within seconds. The first time I saw myself infield, I noticed all these nervious gestures I was unaware I was doing while infield. I used to pace back and forwarth, play with my hands too much, and lean forward... It was aweful. With my video feedback, you will get Straight forward commentary in your videos will help tremendously.

So be sure to sign up today and watch the free demos under VIDEOS above to see how pick up feedback was meant to be done.


It’s time you met The Project Alpha bootcamp.


The Project Alpha bootcamp makes it easy for people in different roles with different responsibilities to communicate and work together. It’s a place to empower yourself, have discussions, collaborate on tactics, etc. No previous training required. We start you from the ground up. It is a one on one so you can truly be heard and seen your every move, your coach gives you instant feed back. With a 99.996% success rate, The Project Alpha bootcamp is rock-solid reliable.
Give Be More Alpha a try
A track record you can trust.

We’ve been in business for 9 years, so you can depend on us to be here when you need us. We’re profitable, debt-free, and privately owned so we answer to our customers and no one else. Our job is to help you do your job better. Learn more about our company.
Free weekly classes + live Q&A.

We also offer weekly “Be More Alpha Pro in 30 minutes” online classes with live Q&A.

"No matter how much we have achieved in any area of our lives, true fulfillment can only be found in one thing: the emotional quality of our personal relationships.

Regardless of your past experience or current relationship, the promise of something deeper, richer and lasting is within your grasp." -Tony Robbins

Any other questions we can answer?

We do whatever it takes to make sure our customer service is the best in the business. Fast, friendly, knowledgeable, and often hilarious, you’ll feel like old friends in no time. Email us right now. We’ve been responding to emails in about one minute lately, so we’ll get back to you super fast!

Isn’t it time to have a proven approach for attracting your ideal mate… someone who loves and cherishes you, who lights you up and charges you? If you want your relationship to be an area of excitement, juice, passion and aliveness, then you need to know the tools that can give you the ultimate alpha advantage.

Take action now and start to personally learn, witness and experience what’s possible when you transform your beliefs, penetrate your fears and master the fundamental skills necessary to create the ultimate relationship you desire and deserve.



For The Project Alpha bootcamp, Enroll today to start your new transformation, the new YOU, today!
















Inspiration doesn’t interrupt you; it’s something that has to be pursued. We all must feed our minds and make conscious choices about how we direct our thoughts, energy, and focus; otherwise, the demands, negativity and inevitable distractions of the day will take over.

To do this effectively, we need a system—a daily ritual that will ensure we’re taking control of our focus, learning new tools and proven strategies to make a difference, and taking action to create momentum and produce results.

Turn your personal development and professional achievement into a step-by-step process that will help you identify what it is you really want, what’s preventing you from getting it, and how to break through any barriers to take action and transform your life forever. Be More Alpha delivers it with a level of passion, power and playfulness that makes this personal development coaching process not only moving, but thoroughly enjoyable.


Your momentum is power. You’ll convert your down time—when you’re in your car, working out or in your home—into life-changing time, in a way that feels effortless because it’s fun.

Millions of people — leaders from entertainment, business, sports, and politics as well as those less well known — have used my award-winning system to focus on personal and professional development and to make a difference in the quality of their lives: losing weight, increasing their incomes, eliminating bad habits, enjoying extraordinary business success, creating magical relationships, and more!

If you’re serious about really making a change, and you want to enjoy the process, these programs are not a ‘should,’ they are a ‘must.’

It all starts here. Click on any of the award-winning programs here to take action now (or read on to learn more).

What is an extraordinary life? What is it that creates a life of joy, happiness, love, passion, success and fulfillment, or gives your life meaning at the deepest level? Most important, what is extraordinary life for you, today?

In this powerful 3-part Ultimate Edge program, Edgar Bouncer will personally coach and passionately entertain as you begin to discover what you truly want most in your life, as you implement proven personal/professional development strategies and tools for achieving it, and as you unlock any obstacles that may be holding you back.

The Ultimate Alpha program includes:

  • Inner Game: New 7-Day Audio/Video program

  • Selfempowerment: 7-Day Audio Program

  • Alpha Maker: 7-Day Audio Program

  • 3 Bonus Volumes of Edgar Bouncers’ Prep Talk! audio magazine

  • Ultimate Edgar Personal Journal

  • Three free gifts designed to ensure maximum success from the Ultimate Edgar program:

Free Coaching Session. A live, private, one-on-one telephone coaching session with a leading results coach from the Be More Alpha Companies. (a $100 value)

$100 Coupon to any Be More Alpha multi-day event.

Free online personal profile. Understand what’s holding you back, and how to overcome it. (a $200 value)

  • Why is it that some people can generate so much success in their lives and still find reasons not to be happy, while those less fortunate can discover a tremendous amount of fulfillment despite their hardship and pain? What makes the difference in the quality of people’s lives? What truly creates an extraordinary life, the kind with the power to turn your dreams into reality?

Now, with Edgar Bouncer’s commemorative Self Empowerment Program, you can take extraordinary health and vitality, turning your business around, creating outstanding relationships, transforming how you use your time, designing your ideal career, or achieving financial success.

Self Empowerment Program is still the foundation of everything I do today. It will help you determine what you want in your life, give you some of the most powerful and proven tools to accomplish this, and provide you with the daily fundamentals to follow through. The goal of this program is to show you some simple, systematic strategies to get greater results on a daily basis.

Self Empowerment Program is the ability to act, the ability to take action and the ability to produce results. By making simple, small changes daily, you will absolutely transform the quality of your life more quickly than you ever thought possible. Not only will you learn to take control of your own life through personal development, but you’ll learn to help others make life-altering changes as well.

Self Empowerment Program 30-Day System includes:

  • 25 audio CDs

  • Personal Success Journal

  • Strategy flash cards to help you follow through on each days’ lesson

  • Memorable audio outtakes and original journal notes from Edgar’s original recording sessions more than 10 years ago

  • Bonuses: free coaching strategy session plus $100 coupon toward any multi-day bootcamp

  • What if you could be privately mentored by some of the greatest achievers in the world? Edgar Bouncer has devoted his life to extracting profound knowledge and making it so simple and practical that you can immediately apply it to increase the quality of your life.

Now join Edgar as he unveils these principles through his Alpha Maker. Interviews with such brilliant achievers as Dr Deepak Chopra, Dr Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People and many others.

In each of the 12 volumes in this library, you’ll hear lively, insightful and entertaining interviews with one of today’s outstanding achievers. You’ll also be inspired by a powerful one-on-one coaching session with Edgar as he shares his latest ideas and insights on subject that profoundly affect your personal and professional life and help you retain the competitive advantage. And, with the concise, printed book summaries presented in each volume, you’ll save time as you immediately benefit from the best books available.

  • For over one decade, Edgar Bouncer has passionately pursued answers to the question of why people do what they do and what holds them back from living life on their own terms. What he has discovered in working with different people from different countries is that no matter what the obstacles, every human being holds within them power to change anything. Whatever area of your life you want to focus on — your career, your relationships, your body, your finances or your time — the tools and strategies found in the Project Alpha Bootcamp will help you achieve and experience more fulfillment than you ever thought possible.

Experience the legendary “transformation sessions” that take place when Edgar  invites individual participants on stage at a live event to resolve his or her most difficult challenges. Have you ever experienced a crisis? Blocked communication in a relationship? A tough decision? A financial disaster? In these films, you will find breakthrough strategies and solutions for overcoming the problems that confront us all. These live, unedited interventions feature a play-by-play analysis by Cloé Madanes, world-renowned systemic thinker and teacher of psychotherapy. Just watching these films once can bring about massive change. Experience and share the magic of these sessions never before seen outside of Edgar’s live events.

  • Negotiating Conflict: Leadership in Times Of Crisis

  • Conquering Overwhelming Loss: Rediscovering A Compelling Future

  • Reclaiming Your True Identity: The Power Of Vulnerability



                                 For the Sweet Local Deal of $550 to get 2 Impactful infield hours, click here


















Thanks for Everything,

Edgar Bouncer

CEO at Be More Alpha








Edgar cares! Can't do full payment at once? I recommend working on yourself right away and signing up now! but, if you can't do the full payment now, get on out $10 a day plan. That way you can be fully be paid and start your training in no time!


                                                                      Click here for the $10 a day plan

























                                                                                     Bring a Friend

                                                             Call me and ask me about this sweet deal!




































*$10 a day until the full amount of $2,100 is paid off. The 12hrs hours of recording will begin when the full amount is paid. Extra time may be given to warm up.

**Limited time offer for SF, Sacramento, LA, Dallas, Phoniex and Las Vegas

Time You Met Be More Alpha

Becoming More Alpha

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