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Rapport Building

Conversational Rapport


"Have you ever been to the hospital emergency room?"

"How old where you when you first got drunk?"

"Did you and your siblings keep secrets'?"

"Ever bad a very rough breakup?"

"What's your favorite food / vacation / place to visit" (use your imagination)


The Question Game

"Have you ever played the question game? Well there are rules...

"Rule 1, you ask a question, then me, then you, and so on, back and forth.

"Rule 2, you have to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Like truth or dare but without the dare because I don't know how weird you really are." [Notice the neg.]

"Rule 3, you can't ask the same question that's already been asked.

"Rule 4, you have to ask questions that let skeletons out of the closet. Take advantage of our anonymity.

"Oh and.. .Rule 5, you go first."

She will say, "that's not fair."

So you then ask, "How many boyfriends have you had?"


From here on, the question game will escalate sexually until she is asking you how many times you masturbate. It's a fun routine. This is a comfort building routine that's also useful for screening. Another great thing about the question game is that it can last for a really long time. When you get into C1, use this routine as your default.


• Be a talkative person. Talk to anybody, not just girls. Get into the zone.

• Don't explicitly try to impress or show off. Don't directly tell impressive facts about yourself. Don't seek attention, approval, or understanding from others. Hot women are already bothered enough by guvs who are worried what she thinks. Try being the one guy who isn't.

• Don't talk about weird, creepy, or stupid topics. Most people who do this are seeking attention. It's cool to get attention, but it's very uncool to be perceived as seeking it. Thus, don't provoke people or show off to them in any way.

• Practice moving your target and getting her into isolation for comfort-building.

• Demonstrate vulnerability and establish commonality and connection.

• Practice stacks of canned material. This is a useful skill.

• Also practice natural, spontaneous conversations with no canned material.

• Practice using Multiple Conversational Threads.

• Continually escalate kino and use compliance testing.

• For those readers versed in NLP, this phase is a good time to practice your patterning.


• Cut boring threads, yours or hers. Lead the frame.

• Talk about run, interesting, emotionally compelling topics.

• Don't ask a bunch of questions. They don't add value and they come off rapport-seeking. Instead of asking her where she's from, make a guess. She'll ask you why you guessed Arkansas, you'll give her a reason, and she'll giggle — whether you were right or not.

• (You do want her to contribute and invest 111 the conversation. But you want her to do so because she is attracted, not because you are forcing the conversation along with lots of questions. You must add value.)

• Be agreeable. You don't always have to be right. Don't take yourself too seriously. For example, don't use disagreement unless you need to enforce a frame. If you're arguing about something you probably care too much. Remember why you're here.

• Rapport doesn't mean boring The vibe you created in the Attract stage should still be simmering just below the surface. If it isn't, then you probably made M3 Sequencing Mistake #2: Comfort but with no Attraction.

• Practice your grounding routine


--question game. 1. You can't ask the same question asked 2. We go back and forth 3. You have to let skeletons out of the closet so No boring questions 4. You go first. (No you go first) alright but stop breaking rules! That's rule #5. How many boyfriends have you had? (If she asks same, ) you are breaking #2. I can see you did well in school tests.


Fun question: "Tell me a secret."



The Photo Routine


Take pictures of yourself in interesting situations. Active shots —you doing fun things. Goofing off at your workout place. You rock climbing. You partying with friends and girls. You in mid-air while roller-blading. The 'bear shit' from the bear you bumped into while hiking. Etc. The best photos will convey value as well as your identity. Also include a couple boring or out-of-focus pictures for realism.

Put these photos in a developing envelope, as though you just picked them up from the store today where they were developed, and you happen to hare them with you.


While in set, use the envelope as a lock-in prop on the target, while also demonstrating higher value to the set. If she tries to open the envelope, swat her hand and call her nosy. ("Geez is she always like this?" Etc.)

When the time comes to engage the target directly with A3 and C1, you can decide to "be nicer" to her and sit down with her to go through the pictures. For each picture, tell a story. During this time you can demonstrate pre-selection, social proof and other DHVs, build comfort, and you can also engage her in a fun dialogue where she contributes and invests. Your stories will remind her of her own stories and she will tell one to you. Practice your spontaneous conversations.



Murder / Marry / Shag

As you put her on your arm, promenade -style, you say, "Ok, we're going to play a game called murder/marry/shag. I will point out three guys in the crowd. You have to tell me which one 3*011 would murder, which one you would marry, and which one you would shag — and then you have to tell me why."


Jealousy plot:

just game another set quickly and then when you isolate the girl from that group, say, "I've got my friend over there, let me introduce you."

So there are several options:

1. Find your pivot

2. Enlist a girl to directly help you

3. Backwards merge to a previous set

4. Forwards merge by opening a new set and bringing the new girl back to the main target.


new routine opener for interupts

Sets with guys are easier because they rarely get approached

That guys is like an ugly chick


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