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Compliance Tests

Many have been asking me what are Compliance tests. After pumping her body temperature, you ask for compliance:Compliance test: A verbal or non-verbal method that builds her attraction towards you. Encouraging and qualifying the right choice through a reward/punishment stratagem given to her to either pass or fail. It is to establish and maintaining the leader/masculine/dominance versus the follower/feminine/submissive frame. You tease by using "Cat String theory".The more you sexually CT her, the more comfortable you become being, encouraging, and expecting sensuality from both you and her.Examples: asking her to see her hand for palm readingasking her to hold something for you such as your drinkputting her arm around youhanding her money and having her buy you a drink while you go to the bathroom...oh whatever she wants, too Smileasking her screening questionsmost forms of kinotickling, caressingmoving her around the venueBouncing her/extracting her take her hand, and put it on your arm / leg / whatever, and see if she leaves it there...Asking her to do anything for you such as a back rubMore advanced: kissing her (does she kiss you back?) or point to cheek/lips for her to kissasking her to take off her pants...Does she comply? Reward and Escalate

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