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Keep Her Happy

Keep Her Happy. There is a lot of competition out there. Keep her happy. Spend time with her. Make time for her. Make her laugh. Share things with her. Tell her a couple of your secrets and childhood adventures. Ask her how her day was. Listen to her. Lend her an ear and shoulder when she needs it. *To avoid “the friend zone,” do it more when she is your GF already not when you are trying to get at her!Try Staying True, Honest and LoyalI try not to lie. Try. The brain of a man hardy keeps up with lies. Females are intelligent. They pick up on insincerity. I was asking this girl out and I asked her again where she lived. I told her I meet different people every day and I didn’t remember. She then mumbled, “mmmh hmmm.” Try to stay true. Make her feel special. Like she is the only girl in the world.Surprise HerIf you know she is not that busy at work on let say Wednesdays, once every 4 months, surprise her at work. Send her flowers on a day that is not any occasion. Leave a cute note in her car. Leave a love note in her purse when she is not looking. Send her a nice text. Be romantic… This is when the girl is in love with you already and you have been with her for at least 3 months. You don’t want to overdo it. Give Her Some Breathing RoomRespect HerRespect not only her space, but her. Respect her thoughts and decisions. Support her decisions.Love HerWomen like to hear it. After 3 months, when a girl tells me first, I usually tell her, “You know, people usually hand out ‘I love you’ like candy. But with you, I appreciate everything you do…I have a lot of love for you,” something in that nature. This way, when she hears it from me, she will know it is special.Don’t Just Say I’m SorryApologize for your mistakes. People hand out I’m sorry’s like candy! If you know you made a big mistake, apologize and be sincere. This does not mean say I’m sorry for every little thing and apologizing if she asks you to pick up 5 things at the market but you only bring 4. For the small, say may bad. Now, if you honestly forget your anniversary, then man up, apologize, and make it up to her.

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