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Options for Observations

Options for Observations – Improv topics to talk about Match/Contrast Uniqueness/

Newness Brand/Style Logos/Writting Items of Clothing

top of head hair glasses face make up

neck jewelryshirt-jacket-toppin-broche-etc.

wrists fingers-nails tattoos belt-belt buckle pockets phone key chains bag-shopping bag pants skirt dress ankles toes shoes car-bike-suitecase book-bottle of water pet-props-people Energy – Behavior Texting while walking any multi-tasking focus on tasktype of walkway to sit/standposture/body language how she does things speed rhythm determination hesitancy confusion emotions expressions mannerisms moode nergized rested tired up/down pet-props-people Experience/Environment Why she’s there the occasion special event how she moves through the crowd her positioning whom shes with manager/customers what she notices/not notices lack of space her response to the environment timing: arriving/leaving destination participation what’s unique/funny around her familiar or not familiar

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