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What are IOI's


IOI’S Stands for Indication of Interest



She will try to end silence. “So,…”

She initiates contact

Asks about name/age/ethnicity/fragrance/clothing

Asks if you are leaving. Exp. When you put something away. Like gloves



Plays with her hair while making eye contact

You sense jealousy when talking about another femaleShe Kino’s. touching is always goodShe makes eye contact and then smilesShe moves closer to you (also her group) and she smiles.Watches you on the dance floorBody language. Exp. She moves her body to face youJocking accessories and putting them on her selfLeans in while talking to youLooks at you when u look away. And looks away when you catch herIf she compliments, flirtatious sarcasm, asking to repeat yourself…



She puts her hand on your legLicks her lips while talking to you

Puppy eyes

When she doesn’t flinch if you get a drink or ashtray across from her

She graves your crotch or ass

When you see any two IOI‘s, isolate her“I‘m gonna steal your friend for a sec.”“Come with me”“Let me show you something”Then soften voice and whisper “I want to get to know you better”


They have to earn it, but women are attracted to men that are attracted to them


Old Mystery Method A3:


Male to female interest

Giving IOI’s


HOOK: what do you do for a leaving?

Oh really?

I love… my old crush used to be…

I cant even talk to u now

1. "What's the most exciting thing you've ever done?"

2. "What are your talents/specialties/what makes you unique?"

3. "If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?"

4. "If there is one thing that you could do for the rest of your life, what would it be?"

5. "What's something weird about you?" (They tend to not answer this one as much)

6. "What do you do for fun, (besides school/work)?"

7. "What's a significant event in your life?"


I’m trying so hard not to kiss you right now… ok I have to get out of that head space!

“I dunno. I don't like taking numbers at bars. And you're drunk,

you'll be weird tomorrow.”


Giving IOI’s

You can’t pick up on anyone until they are attracted to you



-Well, I wanted to get to know you better as a person.

-I wasn’t gonna come but now I am thankful I did

-you are very classy, I like that about you

-If she is working, “Well you are working and I see you are a bit tired, so, I just wanted to take your mind off your job for a minute and have you imagine something relaxing.”

-(HB says Gimme your # better) well, I keep a rather hectic schedule, if you call me, you would prob. End up building a long lasting and fulfilling relationship with my answer machine. However with your #, I can call you


-describe why you like this/that and how it makes me feel

-that was adorable that deserves a hug.

-maybe we'll run into each other in the future. It is too bad I got to run you seem like a cool person I am almost tempted to suggest we hang out some more.

God you smell so good I can’t even talk to you

Im gona go home and be thankful I met you

-I like getting to know a woman who is intelligent, natural, and who has a child-like curiosity for life. And when I meet such a woman, I enjoy all what life has to offer together with her. And for me, there is nothing finer than feeling that incredible connection with that special someone that you feel so very close to…



*I'm holding out on someone equally great.

Transition-opener to a normal conversation

-gather information

-ill be back hold this for a sec.







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