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Never run out of things to say


Practice these games with friends / wings



1. Mention everything in the room as fast as possible. Taking turns one thing at a time. Pay attention to what the other person mentions. You cannot repeat that item. This builds listening skills and gets you talking. (John: Lamp, Paul: Poster, John:TV, Paul: pensil, John:desk... )


2. Say a story for one minute. Your friend interrupts you in the middle with something you mentioned so you have to start talking about that for one minute. In the middle of that topic, he interrupts you again, mentions another word that you said and you start talking about that topic now... It continues for 10 minutes. Then, you can switch.


3. Start mentioning a made up story and stop at 15 seconds and the other person has to continue the story and continuing to make it up.  Back and forwarth for as long as you can


4. ADJECTIVE. Tell a tale (exp. Goldie Locks) and the other person has to give you an adjective (EXP. say it in a sad tone) And the the other person says the same story with another tone. (say it in an excided tone, or angry, suspence tone...)


5. Exaggerate everything. Tell a story but exaggerate all the details. Sond excited (comedian Dane Cook is great at doing this)


6. Walk the walk. Imitate an animal. The next person has to do the same animal but more animated. take turns



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