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Stripper Game (Includes Q&A by Mystery)

I saw this post written by Rad. Most of it is great stuff... I have to add: Rule #1 should be, never tell them that they are strippers! They are "DANCERS." And NEVER EVER be judgmental about their work!Strip ClubsRULE #1 ITS ALL... UPSIDE DOWN AND INSIDE OUTthe rules to gaming inside a strip club are inside out and upside down from anything outside those doors. telling her NOT to take her clothes off draws her in. refusing to buy her a drink draws her in. rule #1 is the most important rule. everything is the opposite. i run my opposites game 99% of the time while inside.2) Dress very wellIts tuesday night, and you walk in like you belong in the hottest new york city night club. not only do you look like the man, you now have every dancers attention. leave your tee shirts at home. think guys dont wear tee shirts to the strip club? think again. dressing very well works even better in more seedy strip clubs. be the exception.GUIDELINE #1 BlacklightsThe color white BLARES OUT to people when youre under blacklights. it also makes you look bigger if you work out. black is the opposite. choose your outfit and color according to what effect you want. oddly enough a tan also shows well under blacklights, so dont light colored eyes if youre so blessed. just dont be the tool with all white on thinking he looks cool.GUIDELINE #2 SneakersDo not wear sneakers or white shoes! (unless youre doing the don johnson look) remember what a white shirt does? well your dirty sneakers make you look like a tool. ive even seen guys wearing a f!ckin suit with sneakers on. be a man.3) Pre-gameEveryone has a song or a few songs that make them want to smash the weights in the gym. on your way to the venue, play those songs and get ready. to. party!4) I am not a customeryou are not a customer at strip clubs anymore! [I'm adding some stuff: If you tell her No, I don't want to buy a lap dance, then you are cheap. If you tell her Yes, then you fall into the customer frame... So what do you do? You tell her that you aren't even in the head space right now. Then, you go into storytelling... You didn't tell her Yes and you didn't tell her no. You simply re-framed it. -Credit Mystery. I used it plenty of times, and it works!]5) I smile, a lotWalk in the place wearing a smile.6) Im readyHave your i.d. somewhat ready for the doorman.for a change, try not looking at the girls while he checks your i.d..7) Being friendly, its not just for dancersThank the bouncer checking i.d.'s. if hes friendly, [Most of us are stuck up] shake his hand and throw away your name at him. if you have money, feel free to tip him a fin. [I've been a bouncer for over 8 years. I see people that try to give me money as try hard. In the other hand, if the bouncer looks bored and has no line behind you, you can say as you hand him your I.D.,"How is your night going man?" let him respond. Then say, "I just had the longest night of my life! I can use a redbull" as you are walking away, over the shoulder, you can ask him, "Are you good? You need one?" He'll most likely say no. Say just let me know man] since you wont be buying any dances, you'll probably have money. [This works great in regular clubs/bars as well. Since you did it off the shoulder, you don't look needy. They wont remember your name, but they will remember your face. Don't bore them to death! Just do small talk for less than a minute]8) No really, im not a customer.Never sit at the stage if youre there to pick up women. come to think of it, dont sit at all. be careful here though, some clubs have rules against standing at the stage where the girls dance. [Dont stand or sit at the stage! I have plenty of stripper friends. That is just the perv section]9) Meat and potatoesWalk over to the bar, confidently and head up, surveying the scene. you may choose to look at a few women as you walk around the stage to the bar. this is similar to what a good shot girl does at the beginning of the night at a regular club. they survey the entryway so they can be seen and later approached, thus selling more shots. [Not checking them out, but looking at their faces and smiling] When you get to the bar, YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST NOT FACE THE STAGE. face the bar and talk to your wing. i like to stand at a bar as a general rule. i always feel as though people that sit down are schlepps. i dont know why but this is how ive always felt. i always stand at bars.some users that have gotten to know me personally know that i love old movies. this is when men were men. you dont see any of the magnificent 7 or marlon brando in streetcar or james bond for that matter sitting down while drinking.remember the rules a) youre there to have fun b) youre there to have a fun time with women. if youre sans wing, try to catch the game thats on TV, talk to the bartender, pretend to text, WHATEVER. the point is, YOU ARE NOT THERE TO LOOK AT NAKED WOMEN ON STAGE.10) TipsBuy a drink and tip very well. this is where i radically depart from the norm on the tipping system system ive developed for gaming homebase bars.since you wont be buying dances youll have a lot more money than you usually do. if you dont drink a lot, youre in luck.consider tipping the bartender the remainder of the $20.00 you handed her for your $9.00 three olive vodka and tonic. again, this will get her attention faster than anything else. [This works well at clubs too!!! Trust me, I have gotten plenty of free drinks after this! So, it pays off!]GUIDELINE #3 Beware of turd burglarsIts dark in clubs and bars. when you tip well, dont feel bad about handing it directly to the bartender. its not needy, and theyll probably understand right away what youre trying to do and that is, prevent people from stealing your tips. dont think it happens? think again. plus, what if the barback or other bartender scoops your overly generous tip up and puts it in the tip jar where it belongs? the hot bartender youre trying to game? its now going to cost you, twice. never feel weird to stare to get her attention, and say "thanks, im Radovan" as you hand her the generous tip then actively ignore. see guideline #4.
11) It's a gamedefinitely game the sh!t out of the bartender. if its a guy, dont be afraid to possibly throw a dhv story out, but they usually wont care. they will usually have a similar attitude to a doorman / bouncer so dont take it personal.12) Youre still not homefeel free to ask the bouncer about any particular rules about the nightclub youre in. [Keep it short!] some states have particular rules about alcohol and stripclubs in particular. one example would be that in MA, drinking from a pitcher is against the law.13) All Roads Lead To "No"when a girl asks if you want a dance you can come up with a myriad of answers, all of which are to lead to a no answer. you dont have to use the word "no" of course, but your frame is that youre not there for dances / shots / whatever. be super friendly when you do this. sometimes girls will make you and your wing a "safe set" to come back to and chat with. if this happens, youre doing very well, time to push/pull.14) Shot girls are the bestwhen they come up to you your frame is that they are there to buy you drinks. run whatever lines you want, but your frame is the total opposite of what theyre really there for. they will usually love the fact that youre there to party and not just tell them "no".be sensitive when it comes to shot girls and tips. many ONLY GET PAID FOR THE TIPS THEY GET. seriously, in this day and age they get no hourly pay, just tips.15) I dont buy drinks for any woman. this rule can be broken just as it can in non strip club venues. i once bought a shot from a shot girl and didnt drink the shot. this does many things. 1, when she sells that shot its pure profit for her 2, it allowed me to "buy her a break" because she was tired 3, it allowed me to isolate her. [You need to qualify the shit out of her while you are asking her about the different types of shots that she is selling if you are going to do this.]16) Be loud (optional)This is a technique from before i was in the game and was mentored by the best natural ive ever loud and having a great time. [Dont be the obnoxious drunk. But be the guy having fun with your group]17) Open, constantlyYou will see a lot of proximity IOI's in strip clubs so be hyper every woman that comes near you with fairly direct game.i dont believe in using indirect game. the place closes at 4, you dont have all night. [I don't agree with going direct. They get hit on all night. Get attraction before you hit on her! Do these below first]18) Dont touch meNever let a stripper, bartender, or female customer for that matter touch you without you aknowledging of my favorites is the money = touch. flip the script by saying "dont touch me, thatll cost 10 dollars. while youre at it you might as well start giving the bartender your money and start buying me drinks" they eat this sh!t up.19) Never ask for a free danceThey happen way more than you think, but never ask.NEVER turn one down either. ive done so twice and it got me nowhere.20) Dont feel badwhen a girl asks you if you want to buy a dance and you have THE BEST response leading to "no" and she just walks away dont feel bad or dejected! think of it as this: a waitress just asked if she could seat me in her section and i said no, so she left" [Just as a bad set that "blew" you off, you just smile and don't react]21) "I dont have any money"NEVER SAY "I DONT HAVE ANY MONEY"! the good dancers will call you out on it because they were watching you pay for your drink, the bartender will direct you to their ATM which costs $5 just to use, and the negative dancers will ask you "what, then, are you doing here?". remember (the truth) here: you have money, they just cant have it.see all roads lead to "NO".22) Run along now"hey youre here to make money i understand.. go on... make your money ill talk to you later" gets a girl's intense interest like nothing else.Meat & Potatos IIWhen you do hook a dancer in convo, dont stare at her body. look into her eyes. this will do two things. 1, tell you if shes high or drunk and 2, let her know you want to talk to her and arent there to stare at her lovely boobies.if shes high, there are two main types of drugs ive seen widely used in stripclubs and as a general ruleif she seems to nod out while talking and her pupils are very small: opiates or painkillers.if she has good energy and her pupils are very big possibly with the iris barely visible: ecstacy or coke.the purpose of this is not to educate you as to signs of drug use but to alert you to the fact that while she may be all over you so much that you get a free b.j. at the club one night, doesnt mean she'll ever think of returning your phone call the next day because she just ripped an 80 milligram oxy and wont remember sh!t.23) It doesnt mean sh!t anywayif you get a phone number or agree to meet somewhere else that night, the next day, or whatever, it doesnt mean sh!t if you dont act with the utmost moxie. in my experience ive never had to be the exception more than with a dancer. moxie is the key. ultra non-needy. busy guy. all these plotlines will be needed.GUIDELINE #4 Eye contactthis should go without saying, but you do not get the bartender's attention any other way than eye contact or politely holding your money up in the air or across the bar where they can see it. if you wave your money, youre a tool. if you make any sound, youre usually a tool. once they see the guy thats there to party, tipping well, and has girls all over him, the bartender will make sure youre taken care of. if not, theyre a sh!tty bartender, no exceptions. eye contact will get her used to looking into your eyes too, and that cant be a bad thing.24) Theyre not there to danceasking a server, waitress, shot girl, bartender etc. what days they strip, what time do they strip or whatever is a dumb thing to ask. a lot of female employees that aren't stripping the night you're there never strip at all. not only that but they get asked by every other drunk frat boy loser the same stupid questions each and every night. be the exception and stick to "gaming".25) Its not your looks, no wait, yeah its your lookswhatever happens, you will end up talking to strippers if you have any game. your frame is that you are not talking to them because they have a nice body. asking them about their tattoos sometimes gets her clothes flying off without asking. if she does this i usually say something like "aw no dont do that.." remember the opposites game and rule #1.-RadFor the most part, this is a pretty good post. I must, again add. DHV the crap out of yourself. I used to date a "Dancer" in real life so when I talk to strippers, I throw that in there! Example: Me: Is there more to you than just this?Her: blah blah (Acknowledge and give her IOI for jumping through your qualifying hoop)Me: Have you danced at other clubs before?Her: Yeah at blah blah and at blah blah (Most of them dance or danced at different places)Me: You never danced at Sinn? I used to go out with "Midori" She's hella cool. Such a sweat heart. (Preselection)Me: You know, we all hung out one time at the club I used to bounce at Ambiente, Ever been there? ... (DHV)Her: Blah blahMe: All her co-workers were there and interesting thing is that (Enter DHV short story here about you saving one of them or something...) but before I get into that... (throw in a cold read)NOTE: Majority of Dancers like to read about Astrology, palm reading, Numerology... (If you dont know about this, Read about it and use it infield!!! Hell of a great DHV!)Just found a post from Mystery-Stripper Game:[credit mystery]Mystery's Stripper Rules------------------------

RULE: Don't let a stripper dance for you.The minute a stripper dances for you (for money), you become their customerand they don't fuck their customers. DON'T let her dance for you - unlessit's for free.*RULE: Don't assume that they are stupid.RULE: Dont call them strippers.RULE: Be the stripper boyfriend type. Once a stripper knows you've had a stripper for a girlfriend, she knows your caliber. It was easier to get another stripper when I already had one. "Do you know my ex Vanessa? She used to work here. I dont remember her stage name because she would change it as much as she changed her underwear"RULE: Get to know the DJ. Befriend him. Make him your buddy. He will lead you to the women. RULE: Don't stale out the room.Don't stay in the club too long. 30 minutes ought to be enough time to dowhat you set out to do. Only extend that time if you are already in a goodconversation with a stripper. Initiate a chat faster standing than sitting.Approach a sitting two-set and convey enthusiasm. Be more exciting than anyother guy was the entire evening.*RULE: Enthusiasm is contagious.Act enthused about something that happened to you and so will they. E.g.:"Ohmy God, guess where we just were? You really missed out hanging here allthis time ..."*RULE: Convey that your day has been INCREDIBLE and then proceed to explainWHY.Convey that meeting her is completely secondary. "NOTHING can wreck thisday!" Her day was boring compared to yours. When explaining why you hadmore fun, paint a picture that makes her wish she was with you. "I met andhung out with Brad Pitt. He was really a cool guy."RULE: Don't buy a stripper a drink. Don't buy ANYONE a drink. Don't buyanyone ANYTHING. Buying things are for good friends and lovers.*RULE: Have a performer image.Appeal to the performer in them. Use Mystery's PHOTO ROUTINE because theyare so bored in there a little look at some pix in your pocket is welcome.Let the photos convey you to be a very social and very cool guy. Talk aboutthe excitement of being on stage - identifying with their fears on stage.Get them to think OUTSIDE of the club. When leading their imagination, leadthem into DAYLIGHT not NIGHT. Most guys think NIGHT only and convey onlythis.*RULE: At some point, matter of factly explain that you are well aware thatall this is bullshit (pointing to the whole concept of men getting off onstrippers) ... it's just an entertainment form and can make good money.Then... drop the subject and don't talk about her world again. Now bring her toYOUR DAYLIGHT WORLD through imaginative storytelling.RULE: Once she is out to the cafe or food place after, THEN you go VAMPIREWORLD on her. Strippers generally LOVE the vampire romance shit. Manyenjoy alternative lifestyles and ideas. Consider learning about Wiccabecause many consider themselves Wiccan or Pagan. Don't get suckered intoBELIEVING any of the shit of course, but know the basics to bullshit.*RULE: Use a lot of humour. Make her laugh. Laughter is a drug.*RULE: Don't HIT on her.*RULE: Don't compliment her anatomy.*RULE: Treat all strippers as 10's and use a few NEGS as strippers are in amental state of control while in their own territory. She may only be an 8in real life but while she works she is the boss and therefore a 10.*RULE: Be slick on the CLOSE and be ready to give her a challenge. Don't betoo aggressive. Don't ASK for the number - instead lead them to ask you!"Our knowing each other has nothing to do with this club. I'm going to theIHOP for a bite after - let's continue this conversation there but don'texpectmuch from me - I'm just hungry." Tell her that even though you aren't acustomer (you are friends with the DJ), you don't want to exchange numbersinside the club - that way you can tell people you met at IHOP after herwork.This club has nothing to do with you and her. Tell her to join you outsideof the club to exchange numbers and only when she is in street clothes.*RULE: Don't get HORNY.*RULE: Most strippers are open-minded and believe in incredulous conceptssuch as ESP and ghosts. Use this for very interesting 'supernatural'conversation threads. Since many strippers believe themselves to be Pagan(and alternative religion), consider wearing a pentacle. Most strippersprefer rock music and long hair on a guy but some like dance music and shorthair. Know which of the two generic stripper types you are talking to.It'spretty obvious which is which.*RULE: Be BIG. Strive to be the center of attention. Don't think that thequiet seduction will work in the club. No sexual shit in the club. Onceyou have intrigued her enough to join you, she's already decided she likesyou.*RULE: Make her think that you think she wants you. Assume this and then bea challenge.*RULE: Connect by having a "I live my life one day at a time' attitude. Thisis to mirror their lifestyle. They ALL live life this way.*RULE: Connect using, "So many people are so judgmental about things. Youseem really open and fun."*RULE: Smile all the time. Smile when you walk in and keep it going untilyou leave.*RULE: Don't drink.*RULE: If a stripper asks, "Would you like a dance?" Don't answer thequestion. Instead, pattern interrupt her with, "Oh man, I'm not even HERE... I just got back from a party where Brad Pitt was there. What a greatGuy."IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIA Brief Q and A with Mystery on Stripper and Club PUA-----------------------------------------------------Q: Do you find, staying sober in clubs is the best way to insure PUA skills?A: Real pick up artists don't drink. Clear and simple. They may choose toACT drunk at times, but that's it.*Q: One factor I've had in the past, both in regular clubs AND strip clubs,is that I feel a BOREDOM factor. BTDT = "Been There, Done That."A: Think how BTDT the girls must feel. It's YOUR job to take them away fromthis and interrupt their repetition. When you feel bored, decide to attempta crash and burn (crash and learn) - this is when you notice a situationthat looks impossible like a girl is with a guy. Approach and meet the guy.That'll keep you from being bored.*Q: Doesn't anyone else feel this Boredom and nervous feeling about clubs?How can I REFRAME this - so I can go to these fishing grounds confident andproductive?A: You are only bored because you aren't approaching. Meet PEOPLE. Notonly 10s, but meet them ALL. Make the club YOUR CLUB.*Q: Since I have a photographer friend, is this a good approach? I.e.: I canget you hooked up for modeling work? Are you interested? Isn't this astandard Ross Approach?A: Ross or not, too many people use the "Are you a model" approach,especially in LA. Not only that, but the particularly gorgeous girlsalready ARE models. Consider bringing pix with you and have the girl enjoylooking through them with you (Mystery's Photo Routine). This is good, butdon't suggest taking photos of her until you have a reason to - like you arealready getting along with her.*Q: Is this Modeling approach so cliche, so overused by AFCs - that girlsreject it? Fact: I get that disbelieving attitude often and it hasn'tworked well for me. If so, any new way TO REFRAME the old "Modeling jobs"PU for success?A: Don't bother with the modeling job PU - it's AFC. It doesn't conveyyour personality. It instead promises something you have no reason to giveexcept that you want to fuck her. Why convey that? By the fact that thisapproach hasn't worked for you, you should already have your answer. Justshow some pix you took. Not a portfolio. Make it look impromptu like youjust got them developed today. This is how one uses photos to conveypersonality.*Q: As time goes on - to me - these clubs get LOUDER AND LOUDER. I hate theringing in my ears so I have sometimes worn earplugs. Then I feel like aLOSER with something (somewhat visible in my ear). Are earplugs considereda sign of a Loser? In strip clubs, with the volume factor, I rarely sitin the front (at the stage). Is the stage the best place to start in astrip club - because you're more visible?A: My stripper ex-girlfriends (XGFs) all called that area "Pervert's Alley".Sit further back - NEVER sit in the alley. When a stripper approaches you,immediately be interesting by changing the subject to, "Did you know Elvisdyed his hair?" Notice how you are answering her "Would you like a dance?"with a completely off the wall topic. You ZIG and ZAG the conversation thisway. Don't give her the stereotypical conversation threads she expects fromthe next 100 guys she talks to. Entertain her this way. Stay away fromasking about HER. Talk about YOU. NEG's are good. Nails and Hair NEG'sare good. "Are those nails real? No? Oh. Well ... they're still nice "Then (NEVER get a dance from a girl you WANT) get her OUT of the place.Remind her that you are NOT her customer. Tell her you are friends with theDJ or something and just came to visit. This will put her guard down. Yousound like you are already IN. "Oh I'm not a customer."*Q: If you sit at the stage, do you have to at least tip $1 bills to not looklike a total loser?A: DO NOT sit at the stage - that's a loser thing to do. Hang with the DJ -meet him by asking him a bunch of questions like, "Hey dude, how did hebecome a DJ. How do I get a gig like this?" Then hang with him. Buildrapport. He is your IN.*Q: Can a PUA NOT tip at all and still be neutral for picking up women?A: DO NOT pay for table dances. I have gotten FREE dances and I'll acceptthose but that's it. The moment you become a CUSTOMER, it's OVER for you.

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