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The Cube - Bouncers Short Edition

----That is my short version of the cube and it has hit %100 of the hundreds of times I have used it in field. Only one girl said she has heard of it before. I usually start with," Have you ever heard of the cube? No, well instead of me asking you a bunch of questions, let ME tell you something about yourself instead. Ready? Do you have a big imagination?...------


Do You have a big imagination? Ok 

There is no right or wrong answer. This is based on your imagination.

I want you to picture an empty field. In a field, I want you to imagine a cube.... [pause]

I want you to descrive it to me. How big is it? What color is it? [pause]

Now imagine a ladder. How big is it? In relavence to the cube, where is it located? Is it touching the cube? [pause]

Imagine some flowers. How many do you see? [pause]

And now, I want you to imagine a horse. Describe the horse to me. What color? size? What is it doing? [pause]

And finally, there's a storm coming. Describe it to me. What kind of storm is it? Is it raining hard, soft, do you see thunder? Does it stay there a long time or does it sprinkle and then goes away?



The Cube: represents the woman's conception of herself (Her Ego).

Paris Hilton said her cube was as big a a hotel. She's in the spot light so her ego is huge. Yours is healthy (no matter what size it is. If it is small, her ego is not big. If it it bigger than her, she is really confident. The color can mean what mood rings say about that color or that is her favorite color. If it is see-through, the is more easy going. If her color is solid and the latter is not touching the cube, then she has a barrier and doesn't nessesarlily mean she has trust issues but it takes a bit more to let in just anyone into her life.)

>> The Ladder: How easily you make friends and let people into your life. If the latter is touching the cube, she is easy going and friendly. If the cube is not touching the cube, it takes a bit more to let in just anyone into her life.

>> The Flowers: Represents how many true friends she really has. (She her number is low, then you say that that is how many persons she really trusts with her deepest secrets)

>> The Horse: ...Her ideal lover.  (A brown big horse is me, A tall tanned hunk lol) pony's=short guys. Budweiser horses means buff guys and so on.


***Any answere she gives me I can twist it to describe me "supposedly" for example: A white horse... I'm not white but I have said, "the horse is big and white describing his calm, collected manner just like me***


>> The Storm: ...Her anger. When she gets upset, does she hold grudges (black clouds with thunderstaying there for a long time) or if it just sprinkles, she just gets upset like a normal person and then lets it go.




----That is my short version of the cube and it has hit %100 of the hundreds of times I have used it in field. Only one girl said she has heard of it before. I usually start with," Have you ever heard of the cube? No, well instead of me asking you a bunch of questions, let ME tell you something about yourself instead. Ready? Do you have a big imagination?...------






These are others I got from online:


"Okay Debbie, I am gonna give you a simple picture, with just three >> things in it: the sky, the horizon, and the desert, and I'll ask you >> to fill in a few things in this landscape. Use your imagination in >> fixing any and all the details. Use a pencil and paper if you think >> that'll help." >> >> "In the desert, imagine a cube. What does it look like? What is it >> made of? Where is it located? What state is it in?" >> >> "Now imagine a ladder. What is it made of? How big is it? How many >> rungs? Where is it located in relation to the the cube?" >> >> "Imagine some flowers. How many are they? What kind? Where are they >> located in relation to the cube and the ladder?" >> >> "And now imagine a horse. What kind of horse is it? What color? What >> size? What is it doing? Where in the scenery is it located, in >> relation to the earlier three things?" >> >> "And finally, there's a storm in this landscape. Where is it in >> relation to the other things inthe scenery? Which way is it >> proceeding? What kind of storm is it?" >> >> INTERPRETATION: >> >> The Cube: represents the woman's conception of herself. >> The Ladder: ...friends (and family in some cases). >> The Flowers: ...Children >> The Horse: ...Her lover >> The Storm: ...Troubles in life. >> >>

>> >> It is usually easy to interpret the details. For example, a cube >> resting nicely on the sand and of neither too tiny nor too huge size >> shows a person with a good sense of proportion about their place in >> the world. A huge cube => egomaniac. A tiny cube => feels >> insignificant; low self-worth. A buried cube => overwhelmed.

1. THE CUBE: Represents the woman's conception of herself. A huge cube covering most of the scenery (Field of View or FOV) means she's got an inflated ego, a sense of high self-importance. Other features of the cube could mean: Tiny cube => feels small, insignificant, ignored, modest Cube resting on the ground => generally has a firm foothold on reality Cube far away in the distance => Feels left behind by life Cube flying in the air or levitated => daydreamer, imaginative but unrealistic Cube partly above the horizon line => ambitious Cube below the horizon => not very ambitious Cube resting on its edge => metastable life, perhaps? Cube made of solid material => good sense of self-worth, well-grounded personality Cube made of gold => Thinks of herself as extremely precious Cube made of glass or transparent cube => Considers herself pure Cube full of slimy stuff => Hates herself completely Cube hollow inside => feels hollow, unfulfilled in the extreme [interesting example: one woman know very well imagined the Rubic's cube, being twisted and turned by a child. I was not surprised because she has a sever persecution complex and total paranoia, considers everyone else stupid and childish (has a holier-than-thou mentality), feels attacked by the world, and is an emotional basketcase]

2. 2. THE LADDER: Represents her close social support structure (friends; family in some cases). Long ladder with many rungs => big social circle, has many friends, outgoing personality, sociable Ladder made of some odd material => feels her friends are weird, very different from normal people Ladder with few rungs => has few close friends Ladder in a less than good condition => believes people around her are fucked up Ladder far away from the cube => Does not let people get too close to herself; keeps aloof, has a hard shell around herself Ladder leaning against cube => Feels she does a lot of things for her friends, supports them more than they support her, feels she has some codependent people around her Ladder on top of cube => Feels her friends/family are overbearing, feels oppressed by them Ladder much bigger than cube => feels small in her social circle\ Ladder supporting cube (like, ladder under the cube) => feels her close associates support her in her accomplishments Strong ladder => is surrounded by strong people, feels secure in them Burned up ladder => Feels surrounded by totally fucked up people who are ruining themselves

3. 3. THE FLOWERS: Represent the place of children in her life. Number of flowers => children she has or wants to have, or has/wants to have around (See * below) Flowers close to cube => Feels very close to the children she has or will have Flowers far away => Does not want children Flowers blooming well => Feels positive about her children's lives Flowers messed up => is surrounded by screwed up children * Lots of flowers everywhere => Probably works with children, or would like to; (One chick I know had this; she is a grade school teacher) Flowers shaking in the wind => feels children in her life have hardships Flowers all around/over the cube => Feels overwhelmed by kids Flowers separated from cube by the ladder => feels her friends/family (do/will/might) interfere in her relationship with her children Beautiful flowers (roses, poppy etc) => Finds children very beautiful

4. 4. THE HORSE: Represents her thoughts about her lover (or the lover she thinks she wants or will have). Strong, large horse => Wants a protective, strong man Color of horse => Possibly the race of the lover she wants (the teacher chick mentioned above has a "latin thing" - her horse was brown) Horse close to the cube => Wants the lover to be very close to her emotionally and physically Horse well separated from cube => Is reserved about opening up completely to lovers Horse licking/sniffing the cube => Imagines/wishes she's being doted on Small, submissive horse => Wants a lover she can dominate Wild horse => wants a guy who is not tamed and will not be tamed Tethered horse => Wants to keep him very restrained/restricted Horse stomping on the cube => Has been or feels extremely abused by lovers Horse destroying the flowers => Feels the lover will not be good towards her children (single moms probably have this thing more often) Horse messing with the ladder => Conflict between her lover and her friends Horse far away or walking away => Feels abandoned Horse separated from flowers by the cube => feels she will have to take care of the children and manage her lover's relationship with them Weak horse => envisions being (stuck?) with a wimp [example: one chick I know had a horse running around in a confined arena. She is a controlling, limit-setting type chick who likes to watch her man react to her experiments with his emotions/behavior.]

5. 5. THE STORM: Represents her ideas about troubles in life. Storm in the distance => Troubles are not overwhelming her presently Storm approaching => Fears crises in future Storm receding => Has had troubles recently but feels they are over Huge, dominant storm => Feels her life is in deep shit Storm in the distance, passing away affecting none of the other four things in the scenery => Feels her life is relatively trouble-free, has few problems around in her life. Small storm => Feels secure about problems she will face



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