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List of Negs

NEGS are back-handed insults wrapped in a compliment

Negs are used to bring a woman down to the level they should be. Not to insult. They are harsh compliments. Always deliver with a SMILE and quickly continue with conversation. Never answer counter Negs.

(Use 1 or 2 negs for “7 and 8‘s”)(3 or 4 for “9 and 10‘s”)

-it’s too bad you are not my type cuz you are pretty cute.

You look like a good girl. Id be so toxic for you! For example, Do you go to college? Well, I would ask you not to go in and stay with me or call off. {ALL girls want to be bad! Then, you make her qualify herself.}

 -It’s so sad I’m gay cuz you are SO my type

-Thank you, you can go now 

-I mean you are really beautiful but beauty is common. What’s really rare is great outlook, energy, and personality. You have 2 out of 3. It’s a good start!

-did you know that your nose wiggles when you talk? I think it’s adorable

-You have a small nose, it’s kind of cute

-U H a very pretty face but u should use less makeup. makeup is to enhance a woman’s beauty not hide it

-I like that outfit! it goes. (keep looking) It would have looked better in (another color)

-u are absolutely adorable but u got to buy me a drink before you hit on me like that

-I like that outfit! yeah my niece has one just like it

-you should grow/cut your hair a little to go with your face structure

-You highlight your hair? Why do woman ruin their luxurious hair with highlights? My sister has gorgeous curly hair and she always messes it up… +It still looks good though+

-you have very pretty (eye color) you should use a little (less/more) eye shadow. It distracts from the color of your eyes

-you blink a lot u know that

-an attractive girl like you should take better care of her nails!

-Nice nails, are they real? Oh, they still look nice

-you guys are so awesome. You should quit your jobs and ill double your salary for you can walk behind me and laugh at everything I say... What do you Guys do? I'm always looking for hook-ups

-U r like my little sister. You are adorable. I'm adopting you

.-just because I flirt a lot it doesn't mean I'm easy alright.But despite what everyone else says.

-You have small fingers…most men prefer small fingers

-ewww you spit on me! (rub eye pretend she did)

-you have a weird sense of humor but I dig it though

-ok back to me now, don’t interrupt-hey, plz don’t interrupt me when I’m speaking

G’s how do you role with her, you can dress her up but can’t take her anywhere

-Talking to you is like pulling teeth

-NEG I eat girls like you for breakfast

-Its only been 3 minutes but it feels like an hour

 -"so..." shhh you talk a lot. Would you like to kiss me? (If no,) I didn't say you could, it just looked like u have something in your mind.

-Where is her off butto

n-you are not stuck up are you?

-your arms are crossed you look uptight

-I thought U were interesting, but I see I was mistaken. 

Have a good evening

"Don't think you're going to get something just because you're buying me this drink." 

• "Geez are you always this forward?" 

• "I don't want to rush things." • "I don't want to get hurt. I need lots of comfort and trust first." • "I want to get to know you better first." • "I don't do that on a first date." • "Hey, hands off the merchandise, this isn't free you know." • "I'll be the judge of that." • "You just want me for my body." • Take her hand, then as she reciprocates, pull back and say "Not so fast." • "Are you always this fast?" • ".. .yeah if you're lucky." • "I'm not ready for this relationship right now." • "I wore my old briefs tonight to make sure nothing happens." • "I swear, all you girls do is think about one thing." • "OMG are you groping me??" • "You're a really nice girl." • "That guy over there looks perfect for you." • "I don't even know you." 




If you want heavier negs, granade negs go here :






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