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Canned Material

(Shit tests/ C&F)

Shittest: "You suck", answer with sly smile "glad you like it."


"what are you looking at?" (If they caught you looking at their tits), say

"shsst, I'm not done yet" and keep looking at her tits with curious look (for

a while).


(juggler) she says she has to go find her friends.. “I would like to meet your friends.” Then go meet and charm her friends.


Nexting Routine (ThugStyle2G)

This is something I've been experimenting with on HB's

and it seems to be working well,... in a typical convo

when things are not going my way, and the HB is shit

testing and playing headgames, or generally fucking around

I say somewhat of the following things ...

PUA: you don't wanna end up like *insert name of recent

HB you NEXT* do you? ...

HB: who is *next victim*?

PUA: ... that's a girl that I used to get along with really

well, until she did something that upset me so i had to

get rid of her

HB: well what did she do?

PUA: don't worry... I hope you don't end up in the same

place as her *PAUSE for silence*...

Continue next convo topic, routine etc.

ROUTINE can be expanded to include an explanation of what

last HB did, that caused you to NEXT her. This tactic

seems to work well because it shows you won't take shit

from her, and you're prepared to next her if need be.


Next time that a chick does ANYTHING that gives you an excuse, or even

something that you can pretend to MISINTERPRET as bad (in fact, this is even

better/funnier), and gives you an excuse, go "awfffff" and turn your back on

her and just stand there for 5 seconds before turning back around. Do it in a

way that's playful, or if she's making like she might leave or says she has a

BF, do it serious.

Keep doing this, until you learn to calibrate it so that they'll grab you and

hug you and say "no no no no"


“Why did you ask me that? What kind of question is that?” I turned to the one that liked me and said, “What’s with your friend? Is she always like this? How can you guys hang out with her?”


“Listen. My friend’s really cool, but your friend’s just not into it. We’re not going to be those guys that split you guys up. Even though it’s going pretty well between us and I’d love to talk with you more, I’m going to have to go.” What she’ll do is she’ll pull her friend aside and tell her “He’s really cool. He’s a really cool guy. Just talk to him, talk to him.”


“Look. You’re all locked up. Look. You got your arms folded. I bet you couldn’t even high five me for a hundred dollars. You can’t even do it; you’re so locked up. What’s with you?” You use her friends often, because they aren’t locked up. You can even say something like, “Listen, you’re friend is all locked up. She’s obviously concerned about something. I don’t want to be that guy that just stays here and talks to you and breaks you guys apart (?). I don’t want to be that guy.” Then you walk away. Then her friends are like, “No. No, no. She’s okay. She’s not locked-up.” They’ll be taking her hands down. Just pointing out that you know what lock-up is - You can say something like, “One of my best friends is a girl and she told me about this. When she senses a guy wants something from her or guys are up to something with an ulterior motive, she’d get all locked up. I don’t want to do that, I don’t want to be that guy.” Just start turning away slowly, and you’ll see them start to get unlocked. Other stuff - just barrel through it. Keep going through routines, getting them to open up a little bit at a time.


they start playing games and shit, I say, “I know that.” I told a girl last night, “I know this game. I know what you’re trying to do and I’m better at this than you. The last girl that tried to do cried. You don’t want to play this game with me.” She’s like “What game, what game?” I turned my back and she ran away. Then she came back later.


they’ll do the girl code and start doing a drag-away. You go, “I know what you’re doing. You’re like the drag-away girl. You’re the one who goes like this (and you mimic it). “Let’s get out of here.” You grab them and you start moving away. Then they start laughing. Sometimes they’re like, “I don’t appreciate that. Don’t call me that. “ But you know what, they stop doing it. They don’t lock-up. They don’t want to be in your frame.


A lot of guys will confuse lock-up with a girl caught with a ‘deer in the headlights’ look. Sometimes our games are so strong, that girls won’t be able to respond to it. You come through with this opener and this interesting conversation shit and it shuts their game down. So if you sense lock-up, just bust some cocky/funny shit, do some mini-cold reads, funny cold reading.


If she says to me "I don't really like it when you say that"

I say "Well then you might want to leave, because I say it a lot"


never let her have what she wants. If she says "Kiss me" I say "No" if she says come over to my house I say "I'm busy right now, I'll come over later" if she says "I want you so bad, please make love to me" I say "Well, I think that you need to wait a little longer, and besides, I'm not finished kissing you" Get it? I NEVER give a woman exactly what she asks for. EVER!


(Silly routines for silly chicks)

Lexx Adventure Routine:

OMG, today I saw this totally fucked up show called "Lexx Adventure" on the

space network.. there were these carrots.. with little mettle legs and shit..

and an eyeball.. and they'd run loose in the ship and run beneat the heroes,

and go POOOF, and jump right up their ass.. and then the character who they got

into would have an eyeball poking right out their forehead, and they'd be under

the mind control of the ass invading eyeball spider carrot.. it was fucking

CRAZY.. and when the carrot would leave, they'd be on the toilet like

"uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... uhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"


Cartoon Routine:

OMG... this morning I saw the BEST shit EVER.. remember when you were a kid..

what cartoons did you watch?? Well when I was a kid, we had He-Man, and

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Transformers.. and on TV this morning, they

had new episodes with new animations of all of them.. it was the SHIT..


Toys routine

OMG.. today I found my old toys in the basement at my little sisters house..

well she's 21 now but I call her my little sister.. so she had all these

barbies, and I had G.I. Joes.. I remember when my sister would try to make them

get married, and I hated that cause I hated girls.. actually I still do, you're

gross!.. pfffffft!! I bet that you would have been one of those girls who made

my G.I. Joes play house.. sometimes I played house with my sister, even though

I said that I didn't want to because I hated her and all girls, but really I

loved my sister so I'd pretend that I didn't want to but really I did because I

knew that she'd be really happy..


Parachute routine:

Remember when you were a kid and your gym teachers would bring your whole class

outside to play with the giant parachute?? And you'd all wave it around, but

after you run all inside and it was fucking CRAZY..


(Future Adventure Projection)

Tree House Club (Machiavelli)

Hey guys, you know what we should do? We should like start a secret tree house club and have sleepovers and stuff. And we could tell each other our secret crushes together, this would be so awesome!


Smoke crack C&F Frame (author?)

(roleplay that you're going to go find crack together):

You know, I've never done any drugs.. but I'm thinking that if I ever did drugs

that I should just smoke crack.. for real.. let's go find some crack together..

we can hit up the rock.. it'll be fucking SWEET.. we'll be all fucked up on

rock, and we can go around the park together in a raincoat flashing old

ladies.. (then go around the venue with the chick and tell people that you're

gonna go smoke crack and that they can come)


Musician Future Adventure Projection (DonJuan04)

I'm going to take you home and you can be my musician.I'll dress

you up with a little bowtie and black polished shoes and a little

plaid skirt.when my GF (or boyfriend) comes over, you can play the

violin for us and we'll tip you with dollars - hey speaking of

dollars, I have this super cool trick my friend showed me do you

have a dollar. (btw I've been prefacing the dollar bill trick by

pretending I'm stealing the dollar.)


James Bond Villain Routine (paradiso_rush)

Me: You're bad....

HB: blah blah

Me: Yeah, and check out your shoes too. You know who you remind me of?

HB: Who?

Me: You know, that chick in the James Bond movies. The one who has those

shoes... they bring her in when they want to assassinate someone, and she does

something and little spikes come out of her shoes and she KICKS the guy and he

gets poisoned to death.

HB: hahahahaha

Me: You know what we should do?

HB: What?

Me: We should run away together, and go to an island in the Caribbean, and

build a mansion there with a huge manmade lagoon.

HB: Oh?/Yeah!/blah

Me: Yeah, and then underneath it we'll build a big ass laser gun, and then

we'll point it at x-country (sometimes they will go nooooo, I like x-country,

and you can go into a little sideline of figuring out which country you're

going to point the laser gun at. If they're foreign, and you know what country

THEY come from, you might try mentioning that place first, if you're being a

bit of a jerk) and we'll tell them we will laser them unless they give us ONE

BILLION DOLLARS (you can go all Dr Evil here if you like, I don't usually).

HB: Yeah!

Me: But you know what we need, though? We need an army. So, I'll have to

recruit an army of guys in uniforms, with big futuristic guns, but you know, I

also want another army.

HB: Yeah?

Me: Yeah, and YOU will be in charge of recruiting them. I want an army of,

like, HOT girls in bikinis who are, like, total martial arts experts. And when

things are good, they can just lounge around the pool in bikins being hot, but

when there's bad shit going down they can take down all the invading special

forces guys by leaping on them and snapping their necks with their thighs...


HB: hahahah


(juggler Cold Read)

I have an intuition about you.

H: what?

Y: sometimes I get these hunches. My friends are amazed that many of them turn out to be correct. I don’t know if I have some sort of psychic power or what. But with you I can see a specific aura around your body.

H: what is it? What do you see?

Y: I see a deeply adventurous spirit which is to often not let free because of societies expectations. Pause I knew a girl once, an artist, who had similar feeling. She came up with a beautiful and exciting idea to free herself of all the bonds that are put upon us.

H: what did she do?


(juggler ejecting)

I didn’t notice this before but you actually pretty sexy. Anyway, it was a pleasure chatting I have to go find my friend. Bye


About the way you carry yourself…excuse me, I see someone I have to talk with.


(Juggler Forcing IOI)

tell her to sit with the proper posture. Legs crossed towards you, hands lowered, etc let her know it’s rude otherwise

tell her to put a hand on your arm and feel the energy coursing through that special nerve. Tell her to stroke your hand. Give her a shoulder rub upon meeting her and then expect her to reciprocate.

Use conversational hooks and play upon her curiosity to get her asking you questions

Get her to ellicit your values

Have her accepting your commands: start small and then build up


(Cold read)

[more a roleplay...]


-"you're bad"

-"oooohhhh noooo.. you guys are *trouble*"

-"you guys are the nice ones.. I can only hang with you.."

-(for when she answers that she is NOT adventurous, during Swingcat qualifying)

"yeah.. you're more quiet.. like Velma from Scoobie Doo.. you're smart,..

and you *solve mysteries*"

-"I don't know about you.. I have a x-feeling about you.."

-"there's something suspicious going on here... I'm not sure what, but I can just feel it"

-"you guys are *fiesty*.. like little powerpuff girls"

-"you are *crazzzzzy*"

-"I can't trust you guys"

-"ok, I can trust you now.. you guys are *IN*.. you're trustworthy"

-"you're my new bestfriend" (while caveman-ing her.. making the link from her

letting you grab her, to her being your new best friend.. it makes NO SENSE whatsoever,

but makes PERFECT sense to HER)

-"that-is-*awesome*.. you're gonna be my NEW GIRLFRIEND"

(after something ARBITRARY, like a line in her palm, or showing you a cool tatoo or

something equally stupid, but is somehow DERIVED from something she showed you...)

-"you guys are like crime-fighters"

-"you guys are total bad-girls"

-"you're the leader"

-"you guys are A-Crowd material" (after she says something cocky to you)

-"dude, these girls are obviously VERY adventurous"


Ask an arbitrary question. "Do girls think that David Bowie is hot?", "Do you

think I would look good if I died my hair ALL BLONDE?", "Do you think that

spells work?", etc etc etc

REGARDLESS of her answer, PLAYFULLY-MISINTERPRET this as evidence that she is a


-"ooooohhhh nooooo... ooooohhh noooo.. you just like David Bowie because he's

total GLAM.. it's always BADGIRLS that like that.. you're bad, FOR SURE.."

-"oooh nooo.. my friend with BLONDE HAIR??? oh no, dude DO NOT listen to this

girl, SHE-IS-BAD... look at the smile on her face.. dude, she is FIESTY.. do

NOT listen to this girl.. she has bad-girl written ALL OVER HER.."

-"spells? spells? oh no dude, we can't talk to this girl.. she's bad..

she-is-BAD.. look at the knowing grin on her.. she knows her stuff... I don't

even KNOW what this girl could be up to.."

SAME THING when you have NOTHING to go on.. Just pick an ARBITRARY quality on

her.. Her clothes, her smile, her aloofness, WHATEVER..

-"dude, LOOK at this girl.. LOOOOOOK.. see it in her eyes??? She is BAD.."

-"oh man, LOOK at the necklace on her.. oh man, this girl is FIESTY.. she is

PLAYFUL.. she is ADVENTUROUS.. I *KNOW* girls like this.."


Palm Reading- Let me see your hand…hmm interesting. I’m busy but if you can give me your email and we can talk about it later.


Mini-cold reads: Powerpuff girl, little Nancy Drew girl


I bet I know something that most people don’t know. Most probably think you are cold but really you are actually a sweet person inside.


Style: Smile again for me.

HB: um, okay.

Style (to wing): See, she's a U.

HB: ????

Style: I dated a girl who wanted to be a pop star. And she had a theory that people with U-shaped smiles were perceived as unfriendly. And people with C-shaped smiles were perceived as friendly.

HB: So what's a U then?

Style: A U is when your teeth go straight back in your mouth (can add "kind of like a horse" if she's a SHB). A C is when there's a big row of pearly whites in the front. And to my ex, it was more than a theory. She actually got her teeth surgically reshaped from a U to a C.

HB: No way.

Style: And she had me go look at pictures of like Christina Aguilera, who is a U, and Britney Spears, who is a C. Look at the cover of Us or any magazine, and you'll see that it's always a C smile on the cover.

Style: It's crazy how many plastic surgeries they have for celebs now.

She had her eye makeup and her lipstick tattooed on, and when she

changed her hair color, she had her lips re-tattooed. (If the HB seems

open-minded, I continue with the following: ) And do you want to hear the

grossest thing? One day I noticed that she had two round dots on her upper

thighs. She worked out two hours a day and was super-fit, but evidently she got

lipo too. But here's what's crazy. Because she used to work as an exotic

dancer, she got the fat injected into her labia so that she always looked

aroused. (I REALLY say this to HBs.)

Then I throw in this joke, with credit going to Nightlight9: She was

from LA, and you have to be careful with them. Whenever you go out

with girls in LA, everything can be really fake. Fake hair (point to

your hair), fake eyes (PTE), fake nose (PTN), fake teeth (PTT), fake

breasts (cup your breasts). You have to take them to the doctor first

to find out which parts are real... They put her through a machine,

and you get a print-out at the end."


(I have an intuition about you…I’ll tell you later )


[actor vs. observer]

ME: (looking at the blonde) I bet that you are more of an observer than an actor.

BLONDE: What do you mean?

ME: There are some people in this world who are totally in the moment.

They are the ones who are always participating in what is going on. They are actors.

Then there are people who are kinda standing back, analyzing what is going on.

They are observers. You are an observer. I bet that sometimes there are things that

come along that you want to do, but before you do them, you have to think about it,

analyze it. But you are happiest when you can just let go, not analyze, and be in the moment.

BLONDE: Yea that is very true about me.

ME: But with her (pointing to the brunette), she is more adventurous.

BRUNETTE: Your good.

ME: I bet you like attention.


ME: From people that are special to you, you really love attention. And it's like in that

context, you feel comfortable and enjoy being the centre of attention.

BRUNETTE: yea...very true.

ME: Yea, see, I am the same way...


[being adventurous vs. not opening up easily]

ME: I know. Were you close with your father?

BRUNETTE: No... maybe when I was really young... but when I was older, I was not close to him.

ME: You know, I can tell that about you, because although I bet you are adventurous,

there is a part of you that maybe you keep closed and don't open up that easy.

There is a part of you that sometimes has a hard time letting people know the real you.


[innocent smile vs. sinister eyes]

"You have such a little girl's smile; it is so innocent. But I can

tell from your eyes that you have a sinister side to you".


[not taking chances vs. being adventurous]

"I can tell that you are someone who at times does not take chances,

and sometimes you want to shoot yourself in the foot because you did

not have the courage to try something new... But other times you are

adventurous and do take chances... And this is when you have the best

time because this is the real you".


[tough on the outside but sensitive on the inside]

"You know what: You put on this whole act of being tough, but on the

inside, you are really sensitive". If the woman puts up a tough

exterior, she probably is sensitive. Many people - and especially

girls - who act tough on the outside are really sensitive. If it's

true about them, follow it up by telling them that you can relate

because you are that way too. This builds comfort, rapport, and a

bond between you and her. Now you might want to solidify the bond by

telling her a story about why you are this way too


[maturity vs. being a little girl]

"I bet a lot of people think you are really mature, but l know better.

I can tell from (say eyes... or because of some expression she makes)

that you are really just a little girI".


[actor vs. observer]

"there are really two types of people in this world: observers and actors.

And I can tell by the way you carry yourself that you are an observer.

You might even be one of those people watchers... and I know this because

your arms are crossed and you are slightly leaning back. But I will tell you

something... I bet you are truly happy when you can just let go and be in the



[looking innocenct vs. being mischievious]

"You look innocent but there is a part you that is very mischievous"


(False disqualifiers)

I say, as I pretend like I'm writing on my hand, "Note to self:

Do not date this girl."

Example (from recent airplane #close with icy HB9):

HB: I think too much sometimes. I can't help it.

Style: Note to self--"do not date this girl"

HB: (laughs, blushes, and finally relaxes) You're right--I do start

picking apart little things in a relationship for no reason.


Gay CockBlock routine

Reverse the frame by making fun of the chicks that you're gay, and that you're

not going to let them talk to your wingman if they don't give you attention.

(act like a chick does, but in REVERSE.. steal their frame).. This is wicked

C&F shit, and an awesome way to join your wing.. You'd be utterly shocked at

how girls will chase you, because it presents a massive challenge to them.

-hey, are you trying to steal my boyfriend??

-let's go dance, c'mon let's go dance!!

-hands off my boyfriend!!

-look, you can talk to him, but there'd better not be any funny business

-I love my boyfriend..

-If you don't want to come with us to go eat now that's fine.. me and my

boyfriend are going to have sex now.

-alright, you can have exactly one minute alone with my boyfriend.. but that's

it.. go.. go *now*.. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Club chicks love saying that they're lesbians and shit.. This is in reverse.

I have used this over 30 times now at least, and at least 25 times I had the

girls chasing my wingman. Papa had a chick who dissed him earlier chasing him

all over the club, trying to find him.

In another 2-set that we pulled from a club, the obstacle (HB7) was dissing me

up for getting with her HB8 friend, so I used this and all of a sudden she

yells out "I love Papa.." and offered to go home with him to watch a movie

(which Papa had conveniently brought with him, for the purpose of




"Aww - you are soo cute.. but you make me SO SAD!


(pause with puppy dog face) Cos we could NEVER EVER be a couple!


Nooo.. we are too similar.. IMAGINE, we would be SO IN LOVE..

and the next moment, we would be fighting and screaming and throwing things..

and then we would have HOT MAKE UP SEX all over the place.. and then fight,

makeup sex, fight, make up sex.. after a week we would both be in psychiatric

care due to emotional drainage!"


Adoption C&F frame and NEG (author?)

I LOVE you guys.. I love you guys so much.. I'm ADOPTING you.. (if target in

set is bitchy, say "except you" and go for group hug that LOCKS out the target

from her circle)


You are too much of a nice/bad girl for me.


YOU: "I don't think we should get to know each other."

HER: "Why not?"

YOU: "I think you are just too much of a nice girl for me."


If your target interrupts you, say, "Hello, I'm talking, geez" or, "Excuse me... may I finish my sentence first?" You then say to others in the group, "Is she always like that?"


If you are asking a question to two women and the target answers you say, "I didn't ask you, silly."


If you pull out your photos for the photo routine, first show them to the obstacle. When the target tries to see them, say, "Excuse me! I'm showing her the pictures not you. Wait your turn geez."



Animal routine

If you could be an animal, which one?

How do you bring an elephant in a refrigerator?

Noo, open the door and put the elephant in the refrigerator?

How do you bring the rabbit in the refrigerator?

Open the door, take out the elephant and put in the rabbit!

Animals meeting, which animal isn't there?


River with crododils... How u pass?


Kids Charity Routine

Ask her if she'd shave her head for a sponsored charity event.

Yes - Bust on her. ''Haha, i can imagine it... you'd look like my friend Bob.''


No - Awww, you're so mean... think of the children (can't date you/link to bad

girl routine), etc...


(Cocky and Funny)

I already have a boyfriend.

ME: Well that's good. It gives you something to do when I am not around...


Thug Routine for job question

If the chick starts talking about jobs and stuff, I'll tell her that my wing is

a marine biologist who just named a new species of fish. Then we'll BS about

that for a moment, then I say, "Yeah, we both love our jobs. I think that's why

we're such upbeat people. We're passionate about our work."

Well jlaix what do you do?

"Oh I'm a psychic ass model. I'm also a thug, you know, i take service very

seriously. Like when I'm breaking someone's leg with an aluminum tee ball bat,

I'll say 'I apologize for the inconvenience sir!" You know, if they protest,

I'll be like, "I'm sorry you feel that way.' I mean, if somebody reported me

for being unprofessional, that might compromise my employment... I'm not about

to take that risk blah blah..."


Adoption C&F frame and NEG:

I LOVE you guys.. I love you guys so much.. I'm ADOPTING you.. (if target in

set is bitchy, say "except you" and go for group hug that LOCKS out the target

from her circle)


Biographical Questions (author?)

Name, Age, Occupation.

A good way to differentiate yourself from other guys is to answer Biographical Questions

with Cocky/Funny. This is acting cool because you are breaking rapport, and it gets girls

to chase. It's a good idea to answer the questions honestly before they get frustrated though.

* What's your name?

o Mr Right [C&F]

o The One [C&F]

o Antonio!!! It-ah-ly (thick Italian accent)

o uhm... (pretend to lie) Bob

o Brad Pitt, David Beckham [C&F]

* How old are you?

o 99

o 12... but don't tell anyone, I had to lie to get in here [VLV]

o 26 and three quarters... don't you love how when you were five, that extra three quarters was really important!

* What do you do?

o I'm a Lion tamer

o I'm Rock Star (in training?) [C&F]

o Tesco's Cashier, McDonalds trainee [VLV]

o Studying a phd in Justin Timberology... with a sideline in Britney Spearisms [C&F?]

o Fix her in the eye... "I give women pleasure" [C&F]



you: my name is... (pause)... flavio (pronounce that real slow and passionate with a seductive smile and an italian accent. move a little closer when you say it)

she´s gonna laugh for sure. no one is actually named "flavio".

that´s not c&f but a flirtatious and playful.


you: guess, it starts with a "d"

her: hmm... Dan?

you: wow!!!

her: I was right?

you: no... [my name is x]


you ask her where s he'S from

You: So where are you from?

HBs: We're from Long Island.

You: Oh, I'm sorry

HBs: haha, no, we like it!


(my favorite one): If she says something like "I'm gonna go to bed", say

"hello, I just met you" (the key is tuning her comments as sexual, and

ACCUSING her for it)







Potential flake: She says "Sorry, I got plans tomorrow", say "Cancel it! I'm

more fun than whatever you're doing." If she keeps resisting, just say

"alright, I'll call you later, bye" (don't persist too much) But if she does

agree to come, make sure you got your props prepared, such as tarot cards,

palm reading etc.


Shittest: She gets mad, "You never tell me anything!", smile and say "Glad you

like it."


As she passes by.."Did you fart....that's disgusting..."

"You seem to be "intimidated" when you are around me...I just need to

ask this...haven't you ever seen a good looking guy before like me...?"


he becomes the hot

chick and they become the horny pervert.


"Oh sorry, am I in your way? No? (stepping in front of her with exaggerated

movements and a big grin) How about now?"


if she taps you for being funny, say "i know you really have the hots for me

but can you try calming hormones down please?" most chicks with good sense of

humor/playfulness or with HSE will take this joke and laugh like crazy...the

chicks with low self esteem will eject...i once did this kind of comment to a

chick who was holding my hand the whole time we were shaking and wouldn't let

it i commented something "can u try to stop touching my hand so much?"

but she immediately ejected after be cautious...there's a fine line

between being RUDE and COCKY/FUNNY...also depends on teh chick you are doing

on...most fun and playful chicks will love it...and the boring chicks will take

it seriously and leave...but that's a great way to SCREEN the boring serious

girls out of your way...


To deliver most of the C&F lines you have to be *reacting* to what she has

said, like for example, she says, "I like your shirt" and you go "Do you want

to take it off me then" or "wow you want to marry me already... I don't even

know you yet".


ME: What's your name?

HB: Buy me a drink and I'll tell you.

ME: [Laughing at her] I only buy drinks for girls who have already kissed me


HB: [Kisses me lightly on the neck] It's OK, you don't have to buy me a drink.

My name's HB. [Exchange introductions]


another thing to do (with talkers for example) is to take informations she

gives you and spin a theoretical future paced story around it that involves SEX

somehow, but in a funny way.

me: "so, you want to be a politician when you grow up?"

her: "that would be cool, i heard they don´t have to pay for drinks and stuff

in bars when they go out "

me: "yeah, but then you couldn´t go in places like this any more ... well

probably with some bodyguards ;~D! and then you´ll run around with like 3 guys

sourrounding you with black suits and mics in their ears that get drinks for

you and stuff. and of course you would chose your bodyguards PURELY on looks


her: *laughing* "of COURSE!!"

me: "you know, that works just like in those marriage magazines where people

can chose men and women for marriage, you get pictures and desriptions, of

course only only the important ones like body fat percentage, dick size,

duration, etc. and then you can make your choice ;~D! and when you´ll be

interviewed and you´ll be asked why you did become a politician you´ll tell em

"because of that damn yummy bodyguards that come with the job" hahaha ;~D"


like "did you hear about that new club? i´d take you there with me... though i

don´t know if you´d get in. i mean when the guy at the door sees *ME* (push

your nose in the air, make a snobbish facial expression) he´ll forward me right

in, but i´m not so sure if *you* would get in ;~D. i mean, EVERYONE that sees

me likes me... it must be my vibe... aaaahhh who am i kidding, it´s just cause

i look so daaaamn HOT . i mean when i just look down on me i can barely

restrict myself ;~D (take two fingers of each hand (it should look like as if

you´d form a gun with your hand) and massage your nipples, laugh)... do you

think they i´d get some ice here for my nipples ;~D ? hahahaha etc. etc."


send mixed messages. keep tension up. back off then use c&f again.


"where did you get these questions? from the how to bore guys manual???"


"what do I do? I'm a human clonist.. I clone humans.. yep, in my shed out back

my house"


"how old am I? guess.. nope, I'm 95.. I'm serious. (look DEAD SERIOUS).. hey

look at that (point at something stupid..) you're not looking! LOOK!"


(to any old question) "you don't wanna know.. I'm a badboy.. its a good thing

you're not living at home, cause your parents wouldn't let you talk to me.."


or Mys' old "yeah, actually I'm 3.. I crawled out of my crib, stole my big

brother's ID, and got in here.. can somebody find me some diapers?!?!?!?!?

(look around frantically"


So u act surprised she hasn't brought you flowers,

u accuse her of moving too fast&staring at your butt,wanting you for her sexual

pleasure, thinking of you as her giggolo


When driving to fast:

"If we go any faster we'll travel back in time"


When observing or describing a freaky huge body builder:

"This guy was fucken huge.. I mean, people are staring at him like he just

stepped of the mother ship."


When observing one of your guy friends doing some detailed work to his house or


"Martha Stewart over here..."


When observing a funny piece of shit car:

"I'm just waiting for that car to burst into flames"


Tell her that she walks slower than your mom


Give her a hard time about her driving, then kiss her.


Tell her that she too uptight & needs settle down because it's annoying, then

rub her shoulders.


"Why dont u have a g/f"...or "Why dont u date"

A: Because all the girls who I thought really cared about me have just been

perverted size queens and Im not gonna have any woman treating me like Im just

a piece of meat.


During hand holding or hand touching:

U say:[Feeling her hand] Wow. You have soft hands. I bet you don't even do the

dishes, huh?


If the conversation stalls, say "Say something interesting" or "Entertain me"

(with smile)


If they're not comfortable talking about sex, say "I thought I'm talking to

grownups here." (notice the busting balls elements here?)


If she snaps for whatever reason, laugh and say "oh that's so cute"


If she's overwhelmed with you and says "You're not gonna get lucky" say "I am



Her: What type of girls do you like?

Me: I like the females who arn't afraid to go after what they want and who are

real...Like females who are really in touch w/ their inner self and confident

enough not to care what others think of them. [that's not C&F]


After she compliments you or tells you you're mean or anything: "I'm just

giving the public what they want"


Perceive everything as an IOI. This alone will open up unlimited possibilities

of C&F.


HB: "I like you, you make me laugh."

Me: "I can also make you scream. " (good for GM style)


Me: "Touch me."

HB: (she touches me, if it's anywhere but the crotch)

Me: "Whoaaaow there! I didn't mean like that." If she touches the crotch then,

"I like the way you think."


Me: "I made my friend's horse laugh and then cry."

HB: "How?"

Me: "First I told him I had a bigger dick...(pause)...then I showed him."

(good for GM style)


Me: touch her

HB: resisits or pushes away

Me: "Don't fight it, you can't resist me, I'm a sex symbol."

(then rub your chest with both arms in exagerated fashion)


If a girl give a compliment

Me: Thanx, that's really sweet. Most girls just give me compliments to try to

get in my pants...(pause and display a questioning facial expression)...Hey!

I'm on to your little game missy!"


Me: "I'm a sex god...touch me!"

HB: (touches me)

Me: "So, how was the orgasm?"

HB: "I didn't have one."

Me: "Let's work on that " (good for GM style)


Shittest: if she asks ",do you like me?" answer "I know you like me.

That's obvious."


Shittest: "I don't have sex on the first date," answer "Why are you

bringing up sex so soon? frustrated? And anyways...Whoever said you were gonna

get a second date??? (see the busting balls and cockiness

here?) [David D.]


Boring questions: if she asks "what do you do" or "how is your family", say

something like :

a) "I'm an assmodel. Today is my day off so I decided to sit my ass down for a


"I'm a homeless bum who just turned into porn star"

"I come from a disbanded black/white/asian family, and now live by myself "


Friend 1: "My lips are chap, do you have any chapstick?"

Friend 2: "Sorry, not on me."

HB Asian: "I got some in my purse." (looking for it and pulls it out and gives

it to Friend 1).

Nilatak: "Hey, don't use that chapstick! She has cutties." (funny neg)

HB Asian: (looks back *shocked*)

Friend 1: "How do you know?"

Nilatak: (with matter of fact look on face) "I saw her in the clubs." (then

with shocked look) "She kisses boys." (then index finger waving like someone is

being bad) "She's a bad girl." (I saw her in a club with some guy once, she was

kissing him)

HB Asian: "That was my boyfriend."

Nilatak: (disbelieving look) "Yeah, that's what they all say...naughty girl!"

HB Asian: ...DDB look...


"I find that most girls think they're A LOT cuter than they really are."


she's giggling, and you say "Go away! Go away!", while doing the pushaway

move that I described in the Tonguedown notes.


saying "I would definitely NOT get along with this chick!" while the friends

are laughing.


respond differently to the same thing. For example, one time if she comes over and sits on my lap, I kiss her. Another time I push her off. get it? Never be predictable.


Always send mixed signals. ALWAYS. Tell her I want to be friends, and kiss her. Tell her that what she just did was unacceptable, then go kiss her.

Spank her if she does something nice


Frame Reversal Routine (David DeAngelo from Cliffs List 7/4/04)

I need to tell you something. This is serious. I'm pregnant.

Our reckless hand holding has had consequences. I hope that

you'll want to be a part of our new child's life, but either

way I'm keeping it and there's nothing you can do about it.

I'll be waiting for the monthly support check. You can start

now by getting me something to drink. Oh my goodness, I just

felt it kick. Hurry on that drink. Our baby needs it.


G-String Routine (Nightblue)

Hey I definitely need to understand this. How come you girls

find g-strings more comfortable than normal underwear?

I mean how can THAT be comfortable? Doesn't it get in your butt?

- a common response I get, it really feels comfortable.

Then I continue with, you girls find that feeling in your butt nice?

You girls are so bad I can't believe you guys!

Or they'll either say, because It looks better.

Response, OMG just so that your ass will look better to people?

I can't believe you guys! All that work so youre ass looks nice?

OMG! You guys are trouble! I need to watch myself with you guys.


Masturbating In Shower Routine

You: Did you know that 93% of girls masturbate in the shower?

Her: No

You: The other 7% sing

Her: Oh yeah?

You: And do you know what they sing?

Her: No, what?

You: Oh you must be one of the girls that masturbates then.






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