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Sticking Points

*fuck ups*


Having A.A. No opener


Not doing Kino


Not smiling


Not being loud enough


Leaning in


Not locking in-grab a chair- be as comfortable or more comfortable than the set


Not dealing with afc's/AMOGS


Not leaving a set properly-  Self ejecting without at least a nuber close attempt.


Being creepy and clingy, Larking predator look, they don't enjoy themselves.


Not choosing a target


Not isolating - moving a girl - Bouncing


Running out of things to say



Forget about the pick up, and the interest and focus on having fun. Being fun.

Let go of you pursuing something. Make people feel good about themselves.

Don't try to convince her. Argue with her.

You are the price

When you are being bribed or begged you avoid that person.


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